Sam Raimi

Real name: Samuel M. Raimi, Samuel Marshall Raimi
Nicknames: Alan Smithee Jr., celia abrams
Nationality: American
Born: October 23, 1959 (Royal Oak, Michigan – USA)

From a very young age, Sam Raimi has a strong passion for cinema, and started making 8mm films with the help of his friends. During his studies, he met Bruce Campbell, who will become his favorite actor. His first movie was ‘ The Evil Dead ‘ which cost $350,000, and quickly became a cult film.

Later would come two comedies with a very black humor: ‘Crimewave (wave of crimes, wave of laughter)’ and ‘Terrifyingly dead’. He was then commissioned to shoot the antihero film ‘ Darkman ‘ for Universal . After closing the Evil Dead trilogy with ‘Army of Darkness’, the director would focus on the western ‘Fast and Deadly’.

After the resounding failure of ‘Between love and the game’ and the reception of ‘Premonition (The gift)’, the director would get down to work with his most ambitious project, the adaptation of the comic ‘ Spider-Man ‘ and its two sequels. The director also founded his production company focused on horror projects: DarkHouse. His last film was the terrifying ‘Drag me to hell’, in which he returned to his origins.